About Me

A rising star

Who is Amber Kitchen?

Early Life in Penzance

Born and raised in the quaint coastal town of Penzance, Cornwall, England, my life has always been deeply rooted in the world of martial arts. Growing up with my twin sister Allaya, under the guidance of my parents, Nathan and Julie Kitchen, I was immersed in a unique environment where combat sports and education went hand in hand.

A Legacy in the Making

My journey in Thai boxing began at the tender age of three at my father’s gym, Touchgloves. It was here, under the watchful eyes of my parents, that I honed my skills. My mother, Julie Kitchen, a 14-time World Champion in Muay Thai, and my father, Nathan, a renowned coach and gym owner, have been pivotal in shaping my career.

Academic Pursuits and Martial Arts

Balancing education and sports, I attended primary, secondary school, and sixth-form college in Penzance. Despite being reserved and focusing on academics, my passion for Thai boxing never wavered. It was a sport that naturally called to me, even as I explored other interests like surfing, typical in our coastal community.

Early Competitions and a Blossoming Career

I entered my first competitive bout at the age of nine, quickly making a name for myself in the junior leagues. After a brief hiatus to focus on my studies, I returned to the ring at fifteen, ready to face the challenges of adult competitions.

Rising to Global Prominence

My dedication and skill in the ring led me to travel the world, competing in top-tier shows and building a significant following. Highlights of my career include winning the WBC National Champion title and a memorable victory over Jackie Buntan in 2017.

ONE Championship and Future Aspirations

In 2019, I took a significant step in my career by joining ONE Championship, one of the world’s largest martial arts organisations. Here, I continue to challenge myself against the world’s best strikers, aiming to leave an indelible mark in the world of kickboxing and Muay Thai.

Personal Reflections

Looking back, I realise the extraordinary impact of my mother’s career, which seemed so normal during my childhood. Her dedication and success have been a constant source of inspiration. While martial arts were a significant part of our family life, it was never imposed upon me or my sister. It was a path I chose, driven by a genuine passion for the sport.

The Journey Continues

Today, as I train and compete out of Bad Company in Leeds, I carry with me the lessons from my parents, the experiences from my childhood in Penzance, and the ambition to achieve greatness in the martial arts world. Join me on this journey as I strive to uphold the legacy of the Kitchen family and carve my own path in combat sports history.

Thank you for your continued support!